The 5 Day Miracle Cleanse

  • It’s hard to know where to start.
  • When is the right time to begin turning your life around?
  • What should be the first step?

I can help you with that...

A good place to start is to reset your body, your liver, your immune system. The 5 Day Miracle Cleanse does just that.

Andrena Celery Sitting

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The 5 Day Miracle Cleanse contains:

11 Videos

11 videos showing how to make the delicious healthy food in the cleanse.

5 Daily Menus

Detailed food schedule for each day of the cleanse makes it easier to keep track.

14 Recipes

Each dish comes with an easy to follow recipe.

You owe it to your body...



“The 5-day cleanse made me realize how important food is for our health. This new awareness stays with you after the cleanse and I plan to continue following the key principles. Thank you Andrena for this wonderful opportunity to rethink our lifestyles!”

— Pisana Ferrari
“I felt so good over the five days, light and full of energy, and I was hardly ever hungry. All that remains now is to hold on to a few principles we have learnt and apply them as much as possible to our diet every day. It’s important to understand what is good for us and what is better to avoid, and our body thanks us too. Thank you, I will be doing this again!”

— Giovanna Viel
“I am a doctor and I am careful about what I eat for various reasons: in short, because I don’t want to weigh myself down, not only because of the kilos I put on but also because of how much I overload my body by making it process heavy, processed food. I highly recommend both Dena’s 5-day purification program and the recipes she suggests, which I will continue to do.”

— Paola Galassi

It is not too late...