Protecting yourself from viruses

Everyone is trying to protect themselves from viruses. As people who know me know, I am an annoyingly firm follower of medical medium compliant foods, which means I try not to eat gluten, dairy, and most meats. For me, food isn’t something that just tastes good, it is medicine that can help us heal. So …

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Cookies to celebrate the Solstice

 I love embracing the traditions and the foods of all the countries I have lived. In Austria, no Christmas is complete without baking small, bite-sized biscuits called Weihnachtskekse, or Christmas cookies. The most well known may be Lebkuchen, or gingerbread men, but my favorite are Vanillakipferl, the tiny almond cookies shaped like a crescent moon. …

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Overeating over the holidays

Indulging in overeating is not a modern issue as demonstrated by the Venus of Willendorf figurine. If you are wondering why she is on my video, it’s because this tiny statue—she’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand— plays a prominent part in my new book, Journeys. One of the oldest known …

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