Andrena Woodhams


Deepen into the path home to yourself

Week 17
You are your own Doctor

Homeostasis is balance, both with yourself and with the world. This lesson clarifies  your path of healing so that from now on, you can guide doctors but you are the master of your own process

Week 18
Being Centered
There is a place of safety and strength within you, and now you are learning to live from it. Finding your way home in the body is the most important step in anyone’s process. It anchors you with every step as you consciously move forward
Week 19
Physical Maintenance
Understanding the parts of your body that carry stress and how to relieve it is extremely empowering. These simple massage techniques will provide instant relief to pain and discomfort. They will help you sleep better, feel better and relax
Week 20
Understanding Energy

Learning to read energy is an important step in understanding the ground of being. This wisdom give you clarity and allows you to trust the process so that you can move in synch with everything around you

Week 21
The Feminine in the Workplace

Use your strongest asset, your feminine nature, to influence and impact your professional environment without compromising your values. It re-ignites your drive, increases your visibility and opens up endless possibilities

Week 22
Acceptance & the Power of Letting Go

Letting go or surrender is the cornerstone of a woman’s strength. It teaches resilience by showing how to lean into your flow rather than battling against the tide. Simple breath and body movements will teach you how to access this under-used strength at will

Week 23
Create your own Path

Coming home is the destination of all paths, and you are now building a framework of nourishing habits, practices, and exercises that guide you along this path on a daily basis. It gives purpose and meaning to your life as well as a deep joy that comes from within

Week 24
Secret Leadership

We women are powerful but we are afraid to own it. Accessing the power of the Feminine and accepting the responsibilities that come with it is a secret few women consciously understand. This lesson teaches how to harness it in your daily life 

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