Andrena Woodhams

The Extraordinary Awakening
of Annabel Jones


A fascinating book

I read it in 24 hours

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When Annabel moves to Vienna to live with a handsome prince in his palace, she believes she has found true love.  Instead, tragedy turns her fairytale into a nightmare.  

When a simple eye operation changes how she sees the world, she takes a courageous stand and confronts her greatest fear: sexuality.  Her search within herself reveals Austria’s true part in the Holocaust, the pioneering work of the maverick psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich, and intimately explores one of the world’s most misunderstood yogic philosophies:  Tantra.  

The hidden tradition of Tantra, which teaches a woman that sex is sacred not profane, draws Annabel out of darkness into light and then sets her on the true path of love.  

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