Andrena Woodhams

The Magical Reality of Annabel Jones

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One of the most interesting books I have ever read

— Elizabeth Gage  Jewelry Designer

Magical Reality Cover

When Annabel finally marries her beloved Eugen in India, it is a dream come true. Instead, her life is torn asunder after she loses everything that is dear to her: her husband, her home and her place in the world. Devastated, she strikes out to find herself in a world without meaning. 

Her search within brings her to a mysterious shaman who opens her eyes to a deeper understanding of the world—and herself. As she reconnects with her long forgotten past, she travels to sacred parts of the world, uncovers ancient mysteries and discovers how life depends on finding the right path home to herself.

This quest is a moving testimony that deeper wisdom and inner peace—something that is increasingly difficult in our increasingly turbulent world—is possible no matter what the circumstances.