Andrena Woodhams


Clearing what is in the way to going deeper within yourself

Week 9
Body Awareness

We women are very powerful but we are afraid to own it. Accessing the secret power of the Feminine and the responsibilities that come with it is life-changing. This lesson teaches you to harness it in your daily life to achieve the sustainable success you crave

Week 10
Guilt, Sadness, Fear & How to Clear them

When you realize you aren’t your emotions, you see them for what they are: energies moving through you. This lesson shows how to use the body to release blocked emotions in the muscle tissues to alleviate pain, relieve anxiety and soothes stress

Week 11
Full Body Detox (food)

Pollution is rampant and it affects everyone. Everyone needs to detox, no matter how healthy their bodies may appear. This week teaches how toxins impact the body and provides gentle ways to help the body heal itself by eating foods that support its natural processes

Week 12
Full Body Detox (emotions)

Old emotions—many from childhood—are toxic and can hold you back from moving forward in your life. This lesson is a deep dive into the areas of the body where specific emotions are stored and shows simple, effective ways to release them

Week 13
Full Body Detox (beliefs)

Learn the ancient practice of neti-neti and self-inquiry to break through limited belief systems and bring shadowy parts of yourself to consciousness. This opens the gate to a flood of possibilities and a new horizon

Week 14
Women are Sexual Beings

Everyone wants to know more about tantra, but few understand its profound depth as a therapy. Through simple movements, breath and sound, learn how how these actions can gently heal wounds, ignite libido and revolutionize how you see yourself

Week 15
Anger the Misunderstood Emotion

Anger is particularly challenging for women as it can be used for productive or destructive means. This lesson shows how you as a woman can consciously transform anger into a compassionate tool to impact the world for the better

Week 16

Intimacy is one of woman’s greatest gifts, yet to have intimacy with another, you must find it within yourself. This lesson reveals the path to deepening intimacy and how to turn vulnerability into a strength every woman can share

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