Andrena Woodhams


Healthy habits to build a life of wellness

Week 1
Morning Routine (cleansing)

Learn the perfect tools to help the body cleanse itself of energy-robbing toxins on a daily basis. Over the long term this deepens your connections with others and boosts happiness through increased sensory awareness

Week 2
Morning Routine (movements)
Receive a made-to-measure series of physical movements based upon breathwork, yoga, and movement. Performed daily, this helps prevent chronic body issues from developing and resets the body to face the day with vitality
Week 3
Morning Routine (food)

Becoming aware that food is medicine changes your relationship with what you eat. This routine helps the body cleanse itself of toxins and to give you maximal energetic boost all day, every day. Make it a habit and it becomes a life changer

Week 4
Meditation or Sitting in Stillness
There is a well of stillness within you if you can only access it. Stripping meditation of its mental constructs, this profound non-meditation is so easy you will be able to fold it into daily life with ease with immediate results
Week 5
What to Eat and Why
Understanding the root cause of illness clears the conflicting confusion around food so that you can go forward with confidence, knowing you will be able to enjoy the plethora of recipes and ideas this lesson will provide
Week 6
Cook in a Healthy Way

Preparing delicious healing food is easy, if you know how. This week provides tips and tricks for foraging, preparing, cooking, and preparing food that maximizes its healing benefits without compromising on taste. You will never eat so well

Week 7
Rituals & Rhythms

When you connect with the powerful ebbs and flows of the planet underfoot, it is like being supercharged. Plugging into this energy and understanding how it influences you will give you a feeling of lightness that comes from aligning yourself with all there is

Week 8
Stress Relief & Sleep
You can’t force yourself to sleep and most people know sleeping pills aren’t the answer. These movements, relaxations and simple tools help you understand the sleep process and what you can do to give the body a good night’s sleep

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