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beyond minDfulness

access levels of health, happiness, and well-being
that you beleived were impossible

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Every woman deserves health and vibrancy. To be comfortable in her body. Impact the world through sharing her unique gift.

you deserve to be centered, healthy, and impactful

embody Is the natural simple way for you to reclaim your birthright as a woman. Every woman deserves health and vibrancy. To be comfortable in her body. Impact the world through sharing her unique gift.

embody is the result of more than 2 decades of intense investigation into the foundations of what creates a healthy body and mind. It incorporates the full gamut of available wisdom from shamanic insights, far eastern body traditions and their spiritual underpinnings, and the modern understanding of the psyche.

about andrena:


Born in Kansas and raised in Brazil, Andrena graduated with a cum laude degree in Spanish from Columbia University in New York before moving to London to work as a reporter and presenter for BBC World Television. 

For fifteen years, she worked with somatic therapists, bodyworkers, practitioners of Eastern disciplines, and experts in the fields of consciousness and transpersonal growth as she undertook the arduous journey home—within herself.

The knowledge she gleaned along the way is the core of The Embodiment Cure. Her two novels, The Extraordinary Awakening of Annabel Jones and The Magical Reality of Annabel Jones, capture the journey of embodiment in a fictional narrative form.


Andrena is an engaging and professional speaker and her charismatic personality relaxes and engages the audience. We found her open and warm and she paid attention to everyone in the room, uniting the audience. Everyone immediately connected to her. We are extremely pleased and received positive feedback from all of our clients

Ekaterina Kapralova-Terebenina

PWC Moscow

Andrena’s event at the Mehrangarh Fort was a unique blend of contrasting cultures and traditions that brought people from all over the world to celebrate a once in a lifetime event. Andrena was professional, warm, engaged and attentive. The event was well thought out and organized flawlessly. Everyone enjoyed themselves, including myself!

HH Maharaja Gajsingh Bapji jodhpur

Maharaja of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

I invited Andrena for a talk at The Lunar Club, a private club for women in London. Andrena is a compelling speaker and fully engaged our members throughout. The talk was very much enjoyed by all and was followed by a lively question and answer session. Member feedback was positive and many wanted to be in contact with her to learn more about the subject

M Horsnell

The Sloane Club London