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“A wonderful course that demonstrates the value of the freedom of spirit and mind”

“A life changing experience not to be missed”

“Offers instructions how to access a wellspring of happiness within you”

S.H.E. - The Program

you can trust your life

S.H.E. is a 24 week, 6 month personal program that forever transforms how you see yourself and the world around you. S.H.E. gives you the insight that comes from a deep self-awareness. You will know what exercises will help you and which ones to avoid. What food to eat, what diets to avoid, what meditations are best to overcome your particular body’s reaction to stress. What takes you away from yourself and what brings you closer to yourself. You will relax into your rhythms, rather than the ones society has imprinted on you. Understanding your own process of healing is one of the most powerful tools a woman can own. It means that no matter which way your life flows, you can relax, knowing you are heading in the right direction. 

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Andrena Celery

The structure of S.h.E.

Structure of SHE

S.H.E. is offered in three 8-week modules


Healthy habits to build a life of wellness

Week 1
Morning Routine (cleansing)

We begin with an introduction to the program and learn the perfect tools to help the body cleanse itself of energy-robbing toxins. Over the long term this deepens your connections with others and boosts happiness

Week 2
Morning Routine (movements)
Receive a made-to-measure series of physical movements based upon breathwork, yoga, and movement. Performed daily, this helps prevent chronic body issues from developing and resets the body to face the day with vitality
Week 3
Morning Routine (food)

Becoming aware that food is medicine changes your relationship with what you eat. This routine helps the body cleanse itself of toxins and to give you maximal energetic boost all day, every day. Make it a habit and it becomes a life changer

Week 4
Meditation or Sitting in Stillness
There is a well of stillness within you if you can only access it. Stripping meditation of its mental constructs, this profound non-meditation is so easy you will be able to fold it into daily life with ease with immediate results
Week 5
What to Eat and Why
Understanding the root cause of illness clears the conflicting confusion around food so that you can go forward with confidence, knowing you will be able to enjoy the plethora of recipes and ideas this lesson will provide
Week 6
Cook in a Healthy Way

Preparing delicious healing food is easy, if you know how. This week provides tips and tricks for foraging, preparing, cooking, and preparing food that maximizes its healing benefits without compromising on taste. You will never eat so well

Week 7
Rituals & Rhythms

When you connect with the powerful ebbs and flows of the planet underfoot, it is like being supercharged. Plugging into this energy and understanding how it influences you will give you a feeling of lightness that comes from aligning yourself with all there is

Week 8
Stress Relief & Sleep
You can’t force yourself to sleep and most people know sleeping pills aren’t the answer. These movements, relaxations and simple tools help you understand the sleep process and what you can do to give the body a good night’s sleep


Clearing what is in the way to going deeper within yourself

Week 9
Body Awareness

We women are very powerful but we are afraid to own it. Accessing the secret power of the Feminine and the responsibilities that come with it is life-changing. This lesson teaches you to harness it in your daily life to achieve the sustainable success you crave

Week 10
Guilt, Sadness, Fear & How to Clear them

When you realize you aren’t your emotions, you then see them for what they are: energies moving through you. This lesson shows how to use body to release blocked emotions in the muscle tissues to alleviate pain, relieve anxiety and soothes stress

Week 11
Full Body Detox (emotions)

Pollution is rampant and it affects everyone. Everyone needs to detox, no matter how healthy their bodies may appear. This week teaches how toxins impact the body and provides gentle ways to help the body heal itself by eating foods that support its natural processes

Week 12
Full Body Detox (emotions)
Old emotions—many from childhood—are also toxic and can hold you back from moving forward in your life. This lesson is a deep dive into the areas of the body specific emotions are stored and shows simple, effective ways to release them
Week 13
Full Body Detox (beliefs)

Learn the ancient practice of neti-neti and self-inquiry to break through limited belief systems and bring shadowy parts of yourself to consciousness. This opens the gate to a flood of possibilities and a new horizon

Week 14
Women are Sexual Beings

Everyone wants to know more about tantra, but few understand its depth as a therapy. Through simple movements, breath and sound, learn how how tantra can heal wounds, ignite libido and change how you see yourself forever

Week 15
Anger the Misunderstood Emotion

Anger is particularly challenging for women as it can be used for productive or destructive means. It This lesson shows how you as a woman can consciously transform anger into a compassionate tool to impact the world for the better

Week 16

Intimacy is one of woman’s greatest gifts, yet to have intimacy with another, you must find it within yourself. This lesson reveals the path to deepening intimacy and how to turn vulnerability into a strength every woman can share


Deepen into the path home to yourself

Week 17
You are your own Doctor
Homeostasis means being in balance, both with yourself and with the world. This lesson clarifies and confirms your path of healing so that from now on, you can help guide doctors but you the master of your own process
Week 18
Being Centered
There is a place of safety and strength within you, and now you are learning to live from it. Finding your way home in the body is the most important step in anyone’s process. It anchors you with every step as you consciously move forward
Week 19
Physical Maintenance
Understanding the parts of your body that carry stress and how to relieve it is extremely empowering. These simple massage techniques will provide instant relief to pain and discomfort. They will help you sleep better, feel better and relax
Week 20
Understanding Energy

Learning to read energy is an important step to understanding of the ground of being. This wisdom give you clarity and allows you to trust the process so that you can move in synch with everything around you

Week 21
The Feminine in the Workplace

Use your strongest asset, your feminine nature, to influence and impact your professional environment without compromising your values. It re-ignites your drive, increases your visibility and opens up endless possibilities

Week 22
Acceptance & the Power of Letting Go
The magic power of surrender is the cornerstone of a woman’s strength. It teaches you resilience by showing you how to lean into your flow rather than battling against the tide. It is one of the most active, powerful, and under-used strengths that exist
Week 23
Create your own Path
Coming home is the destination of all paths, and you are now building a framework of nourishing habits, practices, exercises that guide you along this path on a daily basis. It gives purpose and meaning to your life as well as a deep joy that comes from within
Week 24
Secret Leadership

We women are very powerful but we are afraid to own it. Accessing the secret power of the Feminine and the responsibilities that come with it, this lesson teaches you to harness it in your daily life to achieve the sustainable success you crave

Want to know if this is for you?

 Receive the first session without any further commitment for only $250 


  • I will be working personally with you via zoom once a week. Each one hour call will consist of practical information, actionable tools and ways to integrate this into your daily life
  • We will start with an initial session at a cost of $250. This will be discounted from the full price of the first module
  • The material is tailor made to match to your particular process 
  • Each week a worksheet will be sent to you to maximize the benefits for each class
  • Each zoom call will be recorded to give you 24/7 access
  • When taught in a group, you will have access to a weekly group call. 
  • As a member of the community you will receive bonus material that is not publicly available



An initial personal session via zoom for $250
followed by an additional $1,750 for the full module

Module 2: CLEARING

Full 8 week course for $2,000

Module 3: BECOMING

Full 8 week course for $2,000


The complete program is offered at a 10% discount for $5,400

Benefits from each module


These 8 weeks give you the tools to nourish, rejuvenate, and energize the body

Begin your day in the most optimal way through tailor-made routines
Receive delicious recipes that nourish your body and your tastebuds
Learn the underlying problem with health today and the steps to remedy it
Simple exercises to help you unwind from stress
Movements and meditations that build resistance
The secrets to healthy cooking
Develop your own practice to ease stress
Build resistance through a personalized meditation


These 8 weeks cleanse the body of anything that may be in the way of accessing your core strength

Become your own doctor through the secret to healing: better out than in
Detox the body of heavy metals and other troublemakers
Increase your energy by accessing your deeper beauty and feminine strength
Improve the quality of your sleep
Dominate social media and FOMO through a weekend digital detox
Practice exercises to help clear the mind and overcome stress 
Easy to learn habits and steps to clear harmful emotions from the body
Deepen your practice with a simply daily meditation


These 8 weeks give you a depth others may not possess but can feel. It is called presence

Maintain optimal health through being aligned with who you are
Establish sustainable success by knowing your place in the world
Gain stability for the rest of your life by living a life that you believe in
Learn the secret to being present which is easier than trying to be mindful
Consciously lead others by being the change you want to create
Lead a full life through increased awareness with yourself, with others and with the planet
Maintain optimal health through practices, healthy food and rituals that support you

Create a tailor-made exercise program that keeps the body toned and fit without harm or strain


Give yourself the gift of living without stress, with energy, and with purpose

When we live deeper in our bodies, we feel grounded. Have a sense of belonging. Purpose. We no longer feel isolated because we haven’t abandoned ourselves. We sleep better, eat better, and take care of ourselves because we understand the body is our most important asset. It gives us boundaries, which means we feel safe. When we are embodied, we no longer feel threatened by others. That means we don’t rely on a sense of identity that is defined by gender, religion, the color of our skin, or even politics. Best of all, it makes life easier, because we are heading in the right direction. It’s home. In the body.

To me, embodiment is the single most important thing that anyone can do, which is why I want to share my knowledge with you

PROGRAM Testimonials

A wonderful course that demonstrates the value of the freedom of spirit and mind. Andrena has such clarity of expression and is totally original in her approach. I enjoyed working with her from start to finish.

Elizabeth Gage

Andrena’s course is an excellent opportunity for observing how intangibles in the world are transformed into tangibles.  A number of exercises helped me to understand deeper that men’s power is not necessarily in our muscles but in that invisible energy hidden in the depth of ourselves.

Artem Petrukhin 

Working with simple body moves, Andrena peels back many emotional layers and lets the natural healing process start.  A life changing experience not to be missed.  

Simon & Sarah L 

What surprises me most is "man" because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he doesn’t enjoy the present; The result being he doesn’t live in the present or the future; He lives as if he’s never going to die, and then he dies having never really lived.

The Dalai Lama


Andrena Talking

Every woman has a right to live the life she deserves

Help them realize that by booking Andrena as a guest speaker.

Andrena is an accomplished speaker who inspires women to look beyond the challenges of everyday life to discover the deeper path within themselves that will lead them home. 

Her professional media career combined with her unique personal journey create engaging talks that provide the audience with practical tools to improve their lives.

Her speaking topics include:

  • Finding your center in a chaotic world
  • How to harness your feminine power to succeed at work without trying to behave like a man
  • The pain-free approach to wellbeing and wellness
  • How to heal yourself with food, and still enjoy the taste

Andrena is currently available for speaking engagements either remotely or in person.

Download Andrena’s speaker page


Andrena is an engaging and professional speaker and her charismatic personality relaxes and engages the audience. We found her open and warm and she paid attention to everyone in the room, uniting the audience. Everyone immediately connected to her. We are extremely pleased and received positive feedback from all of our clients

Ekaterina Kapralova-Terebenina

PWC Moscow

Andrena’s event at the Mehrangarh Fort was a unique blend of contrasting cultures and traditions that brought people from all over the world to celebrate a once in a lifetime event. Andrena was professional, warm, engaged and attentive. The event was well thought out and organized flawlessly. Everyone enjoyed themselves, including myself!

HH Maharaja Gajsingh Bapji jodhpur

Maharaja of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

I invited Andrena for a talk at The Lunar Club, a private club for women in London. Andrena is a compelling speaker and fully engaged our members throughout. The talk was very much enjoyed by all and was followed by a lively question and answer session. Member feedback was positive and many wanted to be in contact with her to learn more about the subject

Caroline Stanley

The Sloane Club London

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