Protecting yourself from viruses

Everyone is trying to protect themselves from viruses. As people who know me know, I am an annoyingly firm follower of medical medium compliant foods, which means I try not to eat gluten, dairy, and most meats. For me, food isn’t something that just tastes good, it is medicine that can help us heal. So here is my favorite zinger to knock off a cold or flu or cough in its inception and to speed up the healing process. Because it includes raw garlic, it = will help you avoid unwanted hugs and kisses during the holiday season, which might not be such a bad thing, either.

— 4 inches of fresh ginger
— 4 inches of turmeric
— 4 garlic cloves
— 2 oranges

Juice all the above and drink immediately. Even though you can taste the garlic, the ginger and turmeric turns it more into an elixir of long life. It tastes good but you know it does good, too. Enjoy!