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HOME: A Life Changing 4 Parts Course

HOME is life changing. This four part course that improves your relationship with your body, food, sexuality and most importantly of all, improves your relationship with yourself. It gives you new ways of being with yourself. Teaches you a meditation that makes loneliness a thing of the past. Gives you the most up to date conscious awareness of food. Teaches you how to access your sacred sexuality. And helps you harness the most underused energy of the planet to give you endless energy and vitality.

Is it possible to take your life back and get on the right track again? I didn’t think so until I made the journey myself. HOME is born from my experience. So I can say categorically that yes, there is. All it takes is to go home. The key is in the body. And this course will help you make the journey.

HOME is taught over the period of one month in weekly 90 minute Zoom classes. Dress in comfortable, yoga clothing because these are experiential, interactive sessions that help you understand how your body will turn your life around and improve every single aspect of your life.


English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

The four parts of HOME:



Your best friend and ally



Your best medicine



Sexual dynamics and solutions



Harness the most powerful energy on the plane

The Deep Dive

Loneliness is a pandemic. My pioneering methods will cure it. I speak 6 languages and meet clients everywhere in the world. Reach out to me and we can walk this path together

The Retreat

Return to yourself. Come home again. I hold two retreats in breathtaking locations a year, one in the spring and one in the autumn, that offer a detox diet, meditations, movements and a deeper connection with nature and with yourself which help you to reset yourself in a way you’ve never done before. 


Slow down. Step into the rhythms and rituals of the wilderness. Breathe the fresh country air. Soak in thermal waters. Walks in nature, yoga, full body detox and morning meditations form the basis for this 4 night long weekend retreat in the recently renovated Casale (farmhouse) of the exquisite, soil to sustenance sustainable Villa Emilia estate near Orvieto, which is about 40 minutes from Rome.

You will be cosseted and cared for from the moment you arrive till the day you depart with yoga, hammams, dances, exercises in body awareness and meditations and massages, a full detox diet, walks in nature, a visit to the local farmers market plus an outing to the magical restorative thermal waters of the San Filippo baths. The Casale is luxurious and offers 5 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. 

1-5 December 2022
22-26 November 2023


Sardinia is one of the five blue-zones, geographical areas that contain a population over 100 years old. People have been coming here to heal for thousands of years, so why not you? 4 days for a full body detox, morning meditations and yoga, walks in nature and swimming in the aquiline waters (the house is set on a hillside overlooking the sea and has direct access to the sea), healthy cooking, and a visit to a secret site, one of the 7,000 ancient archeological megalith sites called nuraghe, which were built between 1900 and 730 BC, where Sardinians go to energize and revitalize themselves.  The villa is luxurious and offers 6 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms.


1-5 May 2023

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