Andrena Woodhams

harness the power of the forgotten feminine

No one has ever told you, but...

Stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, emotional turmoil, self-doubt and fear have one root cause

I have dedicated nearly two decades to discover what this is

You will know what exercises will help you and which ones are not suitable for your body type

What food to eat, what diets to avoid, what meditations are best to overcome your particular body’s reaction to stress

What takes you away from yourself and what brings you closer to yourself

All it takes is S.H.E.

The answer is inside of you

20 years ago, realizing something was missing in my life, I left my job as a BBC television producer and presenter and resolved to search for what this was. But it was only after recovering from cancer that I found my answer. After searching for so long, I was astounded to discover how simple it was.

This is why I created S.H.E., the simplest, most direct program to help you master mental and emotional wellbeing

Being a modern woman is not easy

In the midst of our chaotic world, it is increasingly hard to trust the future. Everyone is suffering from mental overload. This is because modern living is designed to take you away from the body and into the mind. The distractions of digital life rewire the brain to rely on short term stimuli and neglect deeper connections with yourself. This creates a sense of displacement and fuels anxieties that eventually increase the role fear plays in your life.

Add the challenges you face as a woman. In business, you ignore your natural feminine traits because they are looked upon as weak. You are confused by conflicting advice on health, diet, and wellness. You struggle to be seen at work. It doesn’t matter whether you are single or in a relationship, you feel lonely. Deep down, you sense the world is out of balance. You want to do something, but don’t know how.

No wonder you are stressed.

that is why there is S.H.E.


Source is the most powerful energy there is, and it is within you


Homeostasis is the ability to be resilient  in the face of change  


Embodiment means living from the body and not from the mind  


S.H.E. is taught in three modules

The full 6 month program takes you through each module in 8-week sections

Each person’s journey is unique which is why I will teach you personally via Zoom

SHE three tiers

PROGRAM Testimonials

A wonderful course that demonstrates the value of the freedom of spirit and mind. Andrena has such clarity of expression and is totally original in her approach. I enjoyed working with her from start to finish.

Elizabeth Gage

Andrena’s course is an excellent opportunity for observing how intangibles in the world are transformed into tangibles.  A number of exercises helped me to understand deeper that men’s power is not necessarily in our muscles but in that invisible energy hidden in the depth of ourselves.

Artem Petrukhin 

Working with simple body moves, Andrena peels back many emotional layers and lets the natural healing process start.  A life changing experience not to be missed.  

Simon & Sarah L