Andrena Woodhams draws on a life of professional achievements and spiritual inquiry to write compelling novels on the path of her heroine, Annabel Jones.


Andrena Woodhams is an author and expert in worldwide travel events. Living in seven countries and speaking six languages, Andrena worked as a reporter and presenter for BBC World Television before co-founding an international media company focused on environmental issues and sustainability in business. A lover of Scotland and a player of the bagpipes, for fourteen years she co-founded and produced a series of Highland Balls abroad whose fairytale qualities caused it to become a global phenomenon.

An extraordinary series of Highland Balls with a difference that have left communities around the world reeling

— Scottish Field


Andrena’s unusual vision stems from her unusual life. She was fourteen when she left Kansas to live with a family in Brazil where spirits roaming the corridors was part of daily life. Back in the USA, she graduated cum laude from Columbia University and moved to London. Even though she married, learned to play polo and the bagpipes and presented the news for BBC World Television, she felt something was missing. Two divorces, seven countries and six languages later, she wasn’t any happier. Then an eye operation gave her perfect eyesight and a different perspective of the world. Ignoring the financial challenges this would present, she stopped her career, divorced, sold her possessions, and set off to discover what was missing.

A most unusual journey ensued. For sixteen years, she traveled through countries and cultures, yogis and shamans, breath work and bodywork, happiness and heartbreak as she undertook the arduous journey home—within herself. The Extraordinary Awakening of Annabel Jones series is the result of this remarkable quest.

Andrena’s life is a moving testimony that inner peace—something that is increasingly difficult in our increasingly turbulent world—is possible no matter what the circumstances. Her books, which are based upon a decade of deep shamanic, tantric and spiritual inner work, encourage readers to reach within themselves and discover the mystery and magic that is available to us all.

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