The 5 Day Miracle Cleanse




The 5 Day Miracle Cleanse is unique detox is a five day reboot that harnesses the power of nature to help your body to heal. It is the first step in your journey towards improved health and well being. It removes toxins and pathogens that clog your system, it gives you more energy, improves your skin, lightens your mood, and helps you lose weight. In addition, it gives you long term benefits against viruses and disease by strengthening your immune system.

The cleanse is based upon principals of Medical Medium, which are to my mind the most advanced of health and healing today. The essence of this cleanse is a daily celery juice detox together with nourishing recipes based upon raw fruits, leafy greens, wild foods, vegetables, and herbs.

The course contains daily instructions, videos and recipes that clearly describe the eating schedule and how to prepare the healthy tasty dishes that will reset you body.