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Andrena Woodhams brings a truly unique perspective from her multifaceted career spanning business, entrepreneurship, world travel and the most leading-edge spiritual disciplines. Her insights represent an integration of ideas only now entering mainstream consciousness.

Born in conservative Kansas, Andrena’s life took an unexpected turn at age 14 when she went to live with a Brazilian family of healers and herbalists in Rio de Janeiro. This vibrant household opened her eyes to new transcendent realities.

After studying at Columbia University, Andrena launched a successful career in London as a BBC World TV business presenter, documentary filmmaker and photojournalist. She co-founded two companies focused on business as an instrument for positive change.
Andrena Amazon

Traveling the Amazon as a photo-journalist

Andrena BBC

Life as a BBC World presenter

While thriving professionally, Andrena still felt something essential was missing. This sparked a decades-long sabbatical exploring the depths of human consciousness and potential through intensive study of yoga, breathwork, energy healing and other therapeutic modalities across Italy, Austria, France, England, USA, Russia and India.

A turning point was her 15-year apprenticeship with a pioneering spiritual teacher facilitating transformational ayahuasca journeys. Witnessing thousands of people catalyze profound shifts inspired Andrena’s own healing and awakening.

Along the way I have written two fictional accounts of my spiritual journey, one an Amazon international bestseller (click here).

After overcoming a life-threatening cancer in 2016, Andrena realized it was time to share her hard-won wisdom to elevate human consciousness on a broader scale. Drawing from her diverse experiences, she has developed a revolutionary new philosophy called “The New Principles of Feminine Leadership” to catalyze the next evolution of empowered and sustainable leadership for women and our world.
Today based in Italy, Andrena is dedicated to being a guide for those seeking their ultimate destination – a meaningful journey home to themselves through embodied self-awareness and truth. Through speaking, mentoring, online courses and books, she illuminates a path towards life’s deepest callings and our greatest potential.
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