The 10 Day Detox Challenge


The 10 Day Detox Challenge Course



Join me on a life-changing journey with my 10 Day Detox Challenge. Based upon the Medical Medium 3-6-9 cleanse, this program is a profound and effective way to help our overburdened livers remove the pathogens, toxins and viruses which are the cause of so much ill health, weight gain, brain fog, energy loss and more.

In today’s polluted world, everyone needs to cleanse. And food is the best medicine to do this. The dertox is based upon a strict plant-based diet that is free of gluten, dairy, processed foods, and radical fats.

From shopping lists to cooking videos, recipes and a daily video from me, you will feel accompanied at each step.

You will experience an improvement in your mental clarity, energy levels, immune resilience, skin radiance, weight management, sleep patterns, and emotional balance. This detox provides the foundation for to a healthier, more vibrant life.

I’ve been doing this cleanse twice a year for 7 years now and can attest to its unbelievable power to heal and transform the body.  So why not come along on the journey and see for yourself?